Drink Specials
  • Monday:
    Sunny Wahi $6.00
  • Tuesday:
    Sex on the Beach $6.00
  • Wednesday:
    Calypso Sunrise $6.00
  • Thursday:
    Watermelon Martini $6.00 |Karaoke
  • Friday & Saturday:
    Cosmos $6.00
  • Sunday:
    Peach Sangria $5.00
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To meet your expectations of quality and price, over 200 wines were tasted to create our 2016 Coogan’s Selections:

Red Wines

Glass Bottle
Coastal Vines, Cabernet Sauvignon
(California 2013)

  • Dr. Dickson Despommier find of the year. Goes perfectly with vertical farming. Not dry, you can still taste the grape.
$9 $28
Red Knot, Shiraz
(South Australia 2012)

  • I spent a month tasting until this wine kissed my lips. Strong, aromatic, ripe with berries and framed in American and French oak. This is a winner!
$9.50 $33
Forest Glen, Merlot
(California 2012)

  • Great taste and great finish. Medium body with lovely berry aroma. Another wonderful stand alone wine or a companion to salad or steak.
$9.5 $29
Jean Bousquet, Malbec
(Argentina 2014)

  • Solid and distinctive. Ripe plum and chocolate flavors with deep dark colors. Does a hot tango with out 16oz steaks.
$9.5 $29
Artisan, Pinot Noir

  • Oak aged in French and Hungarian casks. Aromatic with black cherry flavor. Light without being thin. A very sexy wine.
$9 $27

Vino De Carafe

Also Available by the Liter  $20 1/4 Liter 1/2 Liter
White $9 $16
Red $9 $16
Pink $9  $16


Glass 1/2 Liter
Red Wine & Fruit juices, blended & garnished with fresh fruit $8 $13
A light & refreshing alternative to traditional sangria made with white Zinfandel. lemon & lime, flavored with white peaches $8 $13
                                         Also Available by the Liter  $20


Mumm Cuvée Napa Brut Prestige
(California) $48
Moët & Chandon Imperial
(France) $90
(California) $25
LaLuca Prosecco
(New York)
Split  $9

White Wine

Glass Bottle
Pinot Grigio, Mezzacorona
(Italy 2014)

  • An authentic, free-standing wine that’s great with food or just drinking in the afternoon.
$9.5 $33
Estrella, Chardonnay
(California 2013)

  • Irresistibly fresh with apple and melon fruit flavors and crisp citrusy notes that liven up the creamy finish.
$9 $27
Grand Cru, Sauvignon Blanc
(California 2013)

  • A wonderful controlled explosion in your taste buds. Light, tasty and easy going. Blanc is the most underestimated of all wine choices. Great with our daily fresh fish.
$9 $26

Blush Wines

Glass Bottle
Salmon Creek, White Zinfandel
(California 2013)

  • Lovely salmon pink color, with light flowery-fruity aromas highlighted by strawberry and a touch of lemon. This vintage makes you smile!
$9 $27